Back to School Mom Hacks

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Today, I’m sharing 4 quick tips that helped make our mornings run a little smoother.

  1. Take the time to plan out their outfits the weekend before school starts. This has helped mostly with my girls because they have their own styles and don’t always like what I pick out. I keep their outfits in a hanging closet organizer so that it is within their reach and keeps everyone’s stuff separate.
  2. Pack bookbags the night before or immediately after they complete their homework. Some of the biggest frustration was when my son was trying to find his papers and supplies at the last minute or would even leave assignments at home. By taking the time to do it at night, there is less of a chance of him leaving something at home. This also helps me with making sure that we completed all the homework, read any notes in their folders and signed the necessary papers.
  3. Plan lunches ahead of time. My son doesn’t have a desire to take a lunch to school, I guess that isn’t cool in middle school but my daughter’s like to take their lunch if they don’t like what is provided. Taking the time to look through the lunch menu at least a week in advance helps me plan out my grocery list and let’s me know which days I need to plan to make their lunches ahead of time. Scheduling an extra 5 or 10 minutes can be the determining factor whether I’m rushing out of the door or leave out feeling prepared and level headed. If you want to take it a step further, allow your kids to look the Pinterest to find lunchbox options that won’t get boring and that they will be happy to eat.
  4. Establish some type of morning routine for yourself as a caregiver. I like to give myself some extra time in the morning to start my day off right before I wake up my children. I start with my shower to wake my body up. I speak/write at least 10 things that I am grateful for that morning. I set the intention that no matter what happens, it will be a great day. I take the time to sit in silence for 3 to 10 minutes depending on how much time I have. Lastly, I grab a bowl of oatmeal because I’ve noticed that if I do not eat in the morning, I will crash and burn later in the day and my thinking starts getting foggy. Part of the burn includes and elevated level of stress and letting small things get to me. Sadly, I take it out on someone or everyone who doesn’t deserve it. (my loved ones) When I take care of myself, I am able to give those around me the best version of myself and end the day feeling like a boss.

Those are my 4 tips, I hope that you found them helpful! Comment below and let me know some of your favorite back to school hacks!

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