How to Manifest What You want

How to Manifest What You Want in 3 Simple Steps

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I just celebrated an awesome 30th birthday weekend with my wonderful mom and aunt. I wish I could say it was a huge surprise but I journaled about my weekend months before it ever came into reality.

3 Step Manifesting Process

My 3 step process from Manifesting is totally inspired by Abraham Hicks’ process of ask, believe, receive.

  1. Get clear! Think of a specific day, event or item that you want to manifest. If it is a day, get clear on how that day will go. Where do you wake up? Next to who? What do you do that day? What do you see?hear?taste and touch. Most importantly, how do you feel as that day is unfolding and when you are at the end, reflecting on that day?

    If you are hosting an event and want it to go really well, think of all the details and then think about the next day’s or weeks after when people are still complimenting you, your sales go through the roof or you are getting an overflow of tear-jerking testimonials.

  1. Act as if it is already yours!

    You can not manifest things in your life if you are coming from a place of lack. Feelings of lack come off as: frustration, worry, neediness, procrastination, fear and don’t.

    When you are coming from a place of belief, you are certain that what you desire is on its way to you. For example, placing an online order… you picked out exactly what you want, pushed the order button, got a confirmation number and you know that it is going to show up in the mail. You aren’t worrying 24/7 if it is going to come or not.

Feel like you are getting in your head?

Gratitude Journal– Taking time to sit down and write down all the things that you are grateful for is a simple yet powerful practice. After you make your back through each one and with as much positive feeling as possible say Thank you 3x,

68-Second Process- Visualize yourself talking to a friend about everything you’re scripted out in step 1 as if it already happened perfectly. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if process –

Meditate – Check out Youtube and find a meditation that fits your needs.

  1. Just feel good. Remember those feelings you wrote down in step 1? With those feelings in mind, think of some activities that you can do, right now that will give you that same feeling and then go do them.

Sometimes this is doing some self-care activities that you have been neglecting.
Check out my blogpost on Self-Care here:
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So before my 30th birthday weekend, I felt like my self-love was at an all-time high and that I was pretty confidence compared to my past self. After looking at my before and after pics, I realized that I felt even better than I did before. It is just another example that there is always room for growth in our lives. As both human and spiritual beings, we crave growth in any way possible and when we become stagnant, we need to tune into ourselves and when we cannot, it helps to have a support system around you to help get you back on track.

My biggest takeaway from the experience: It is okay to take time off from being a mom, go off for a break and let loose. I also learned from being a fly on the wall that expansion is a craving no matter what you have already accomplished in life.

Comment below and let me know what you are currently Manifesting and the feeling that you will feel in the having of that manifestation.

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