How to Meditate Effectively

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Meditation is the art of silencing the ego mind. All that monkey chatter and thoughts that you have taken on from your kids, family, the media, and life in general. When I decided to try out meditation, my biggest struggle was How to Meditate Effectively. I struggled with the constant monkey chatter of everyday life and then the constant thoughts of whether or night I was “meditating right.”

 Meditation has been a huge part of helping me transform into who I am today. When I was first introduced to the Law of Attraction, I read everything that I could but still struggled with using it. Meditation has helped me in so many ways especially with using the Law of Attraction in my favor.

 Being a work at home mom is such a rewarding and beautiful role to have but I found myself burned out at the end of the day and taking on the emotions of my small children. I finally tried meditation in June 2014, after reading a book by Russell Simmons, “Success Through Stillness.” This book helped me gain clarity on most of my questions about meditation and whether I was doing it “right or wrong.”

This past year my knowledge of the benefits and ways to meditate effectively has only grown deeper and I am happy to be able to take the time to share this information with you here.

How to Meditate Effectively

  1. Schedule it- A lot of people have the objection that they don’t have time to meditate. I find that we always find time for the things that are truly important to use. Scheduling my meditation has been a great way to make sure that I get that time in for myself and I can be a better contribution to my family and The World because of it!
  2. Find a Quiet and Comfortable Place- This step is as important as any.
  3. Sit With a Straight Back
  4. Pick a Mantra or Point of Concentration – Your point of concentration can even just be focusing on your breath.
  5. Set a Timer (Optional) – I like to know how long I’ve been meditating so I can work my way up gradually.
  6. Close your eyes and Quiet your Mind
  7. Be Consistent


The peace that meditation can help you achieve is one of the many benefits of meditation, below are a few more.

A Few Benefits of Meditation

  • Improved Concentration- A clear mind helps you be more productive. This is especially helpful when sitting down to write/work, create music or other works of art or even be present with your children throughout the day.
  • Less bothered by little things- This is huge especially if you spend a lot of time around children or spend time with people with negative attitudes. By incorporating meditation into my morning routine, I’m less stress and have been in a much better mood at the end of each day.
  • Knowledge of the self- Meditation enables you to have a deeper connection to and understanding of your inner self. I’ve used meditation to help me become aware of what my life’s purpose is.



Is Your Mind Still Wandering?

Meditation is a practice. You aren’t going to be perfect at it the first time you try it out, it takes practice like anything else in life. Before I was able to quiet my mind and release the monkey chatter with ease, I used a simple technique to help me release all the thoughts. If a thought would show up in my mind, I would imagine it being in a bubble and pop it or blow it away.

Meditation is truly one of those easy practices that anyone can use to help change their lives. I would even credit meditation to be the thing that helped me really start using the Law of Attraction effectively in my life.

What things help you when meditating? Comment below and let me know

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