How to Set Goals Effectively

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Learning how to set goals effectively has played a huge part in my growth and success over the past year or so. These 5 Effective goal setting steps can work for anyone who is willing to do the work and take action toward their goals.


How to Set Goals Effectively Video Series


Ways to do this:

  1. Taking some time to sit alone with a sheet of paper and pen and write down everything YOU want for your life in positive statements. Make sure this list is things that are important to you, don’t think about your family or what people have wanted for you in the past. An Example of Writing it in positive terms would be: “I want a new, reliable car that is safe for my family to travel in.” INSTEAD OF “ I hate my car, it is a piece of junk and so unreliable.”
  2. Ask yourself a few questions: 1. What brings me great joy when I am doing it? 2. If all my basic needs and wants for fulfilled no matter what, what would I love to get up and do every day? 3. What do people compliment me on often? 4. If I could one thing for the rest of my life and be happy in doing it, what would it be?
  3. When writing about what you want, write it in as many details as possible without you starting to think that it isn’t possible for you. The key is that you feel good about your goals so if you need to go more general until the details feel good, then do that.

Create S.M.A.R.T Goals around what you wrote in Step 1

When setting your goals, you want to make sure they pass the S.M.A.R.T test.

S Is my goal Specific?

M– Am I able to Measure my goal?

A– Is my goal Achievable in my current state of belief?

R– Is my goal Relevant to bigger goal/purpose in Step 1?

T– Does my goal have a Time Deadline?


Check out my video for more details on each letter of SMART!


I suggest picking 7-10 goals that can be broken down into smaller chunks so that they are less overwhelming to complete!

  1. After coming up with your list of S.M.A.R.T goals, decide which goal would help you achieve all of your other goals.
  2. Once you decide what that goal is, get a clean sheet of paper. On the clean sheet of paper, write that one goal on the top of the paper and also write the date as to when you will achieve the goal by.
  3. Once you have picked your Top Goal that you will achieve, break your goal down into smaller bite sized goals. bite-size pieces so that you aren’t overwhelmed. This is also a great system to start so that you can congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back!With each that you get done inside this top goal, you will build your confidence muscles to help you become a goal achieving ninja.  
  4. Once you achieve your top goal, you will move on to the next goal that you think will most help you achieve the remainder of the goals on your list!

This step is all about creating action steps that feel good for you and that will help you achieve your Top Goal.

1. Create 15-20 actions steps that you would be willing and happy to do to help you achieve your goal.

2. Set out to do at least 2 or 3 action steps each day.

3. Celebrate yourself with each action step that you get done. (This can just be acknowledging the fact that you are taking action toward your goal….Save the big celebrations for when you achieve the overall goal!)

 Top 6 Daily list is all about creating a list each night with the top 6 things you will complete the next day to help you achieve your goal.

I know that as moms we have so many demands on our time. Although is the case, unless your goal is to become a become a Better mom, have a cleaner home or strengthen your relationship with your spouse, I wouldn’t include household tasks and unrelated extracurricular activities to your list.
List Tip: knock out the items on your list as soon as possible and get the hardest tasks done first!
Self-evaluation: at the end of each day, before making your list for the next day, evaluate the current day’s list.
For all the things that I got done, I like to take the time to be grateful for what I accomplished.
Are there any things I didn’t get done?Why?
What can I do better tomorrow to get more done?
What am I willing to give up to achieve more tomorrow? ( tv, social media, sleep, taking to neighbors for an extended amount of time)
What things did I well?
What is my biggest takeaway from today?
What tasks need to be transferred to tomorrow’s list?
Repeat this process each and every day until you complete your goal and then start back at step 3 with a new top goal.

Bonus Step!
 Get an accountability partner! Having an accountability partner has been huge in helping me get things done quickly.

Qualities of a great accountability partner.
1. Someone who supports you.
2. Someone who isn’t going to allow you to slack or make excuses
3. Reliable
4. Easy to schedule a weekly or bi-weekly session with this person.
5. Choose and communicate the best way for this person to hold you accountable.
6. Be honest with your accountability partner and take ownership of your actions or lack of action.

I have a coach to help keep me accountable but I know this isn’t an option for everyone.
If you would like to see if having a coach is an option for you! Contact me!

Another option Is joining a women’s community. I am a part of a wonderful on that has a Facebook page, website and live hangouts and it’s free! Click here if you would like to join!

I hope that you found these 5 Steps to Effective Goal Setting helpful! Be sure to comment below and let me know your biggest takeaway.

Love and Light

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