Top 5 Tips for Manifesting

Top 5 Tips for Manifesting

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Manifesting is becoming easier and easier for me, probably because I am finally in the state of mind where I feel like I really don’t need anything.
This mindset did not happen overnight. It took lots of mindset work, gratitude and learning to love more of myself and create joy on a daily basis.

In my latest video, I share a few of my latest manifestations and how I feel like I got there:


Just this past 2 months, I’ve manifested some pretty cool stuff: The use a sewing machine that I can keep if I use it actively, a Nikon D3400, Reaching $1000 in my “hidden” savings account, a high vibe Girl Scout troop with a 848 boxes of cookies sold in just 2 weeks, a free phone upgrade, (5s to a 6 but it’s an upgrade for me. I do not like spend money on things when the old one serves its purpose. )My 2 oldest made it into the gifted program at school and last by not least, my home is cleaner than it has ever been.

In December 2017, I celebrated my 30th birthday and manifested an awesome birthday week! Check out the full blog post and my makeover here:

Was it easy?
If you ask me in passing, I would say yes but with further thought, it was easy but not simple. I had to take action that I didn’t always want to take. I had a few moments of feeling stressed out. (When I was only trusting in my own resources instead of tapping into my abundance mindset. I lost some sleep, I yelled at my children a few times and I slacked on a few things to put more attention into areas that needed my attention.

So….No. It wasn’t easy but it was totally worth it and I learned more about myself and how to allow things to be easier in the future.

My Top 5 Manifesting Tips

I attribute my success to manifesting to a few things but they are center around mindset! I truly believe that when we continuously work on our mindset, our lives continue to get better and better!


  1. Get clear on what you want and the feeling of having it. Once we get clear on things, we are able to decide if we truly want it anymore or maybe want an upgraded version. The beauty of this part of the process that is as we live life on a daily basis, we are able to become more clear. Another important reason to get clear and figure out what you will feel when you have that item is that the Universe/God/All that is may be able to bless you with something even better because everything is truly working out for your highest good.
  2. Be grateful for what you have! We cannot be blessed with more if we are disrespecting and taking the things and people in front of us for granted. Find things to be grateful for in every situation and your life will be so much easier and you will be able to allow more things to be grateful for……over and over again.
  3. In step 1, I mentioned finding the feeling of having something. That will help with this step. You want to find things in your current reality that can help you feel like your future self once you have that thing you want.

For example: When I have more money, I will feel more freedom in my life…More freedom to do what? Spend more time with my kids, travel more, pay bills with appreciation…..Okay. Sprinkle some of that into your life now. Explore your current city and find its hidden gems. Do an activity with your child, let them help you cook or fold clothes with them. Heck, if you have fitness goals, you can walk with your children and knock out 2 things at once. What I started to do to feel appreciation for my bills is to thank the creditors and companies for trusting me and having faith that I will pay them back. If I pay something by mail, I write Thank you on it. I express gratitude in my journal. As I hit submit while doing electronic payments, I feel my body up with the feeling of gratitude and remind myself that I always have more coming in than going out. (Even before that statement was true.)

  1. Sit down and figure out the things that bring you joy and start doing them now. Finding and living my joy has played a huge part in who I have become and am becoming. Have a goto comedian that you watch clips of, find a song that makes you feel high-vibe, buy yourself something small, do something kind for someone else, go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Living your joy doesn’t have to cost you a penny. There are 1440 minutes in one day, schedule at least 15 minutes a day to live your joy.
  2. Celebrate your wins! Every little win you experience in your life, you have to celebrate it. This morning I took my daughter’s bike to the gas station for air because our pump was working. (which was an inconvenience but I knew she would really enjoy riding her bike in such beautiful weather) When I went to reposition her tire to put air in it, I found a dime facing heads up and it reminded me that today will be a great day. Everyone raves about a penny heads up but I felt 10x as lucky!


A few of my favorite Abraham Hicks clips on youtube:

My favorite high vibe youtube channels:

If you need a good laugh or even to be inspired, I suggest watching anything Steve Harvey related.
Lisa Nichols:
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Books that have helped me on my journey:

The Magic:

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Abundance Now:

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The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success:

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